King Ebon likes horses and is especially fond of his new purple horse, Majesty. The horse knows that he is special not only because of his appearance, but because he can speak and has psychic powers, compliments of the royal wizard. Full of himself, Majesty defiantly refuses to let the royal blacksmith put horseshoes on him. The king, concerned of Majesty’s safety, will not ride him without the shoes. So he offers a reward to the blacksmith who can shoe the horse. A brave young boy, Hans, sets out to win the reward to save their home from the evil landlord. On his journey, he encounters many obstacles including crossing through the dreaded Mystic Forest where he is befriended by an elf and fairies. As his journey ensues, he encounters twists and turns, villains and magical creatures, good and evil. In the end, Hans discovers a far greater reward that will change his life forever.

The Purple Pony follows a great adventure as it brings back the good old days of enchanted kingdoms, blue skies, and great friends—but not without its share of villains, wicked ambitions, and booby traps.